Most people that use crypto, highly value the decentral identity it has. Unfortunately, one of the downsides of the lack of regulation on crypto is that people can invest into the wrong projects. More straightforward, people can endure getting scammed, robbed, be the victim of phishing and similar awful practises. This is why we can not take trust and support base for granted.
We will do all we can to verify our involvement and engagement with the project and our honesty and integrity with the community. We do this by being fully transparent about our security methods.
To prevent that 1 core team member can make unanimous decisions concerning transactions, we use Multisig. Multisig is a blockchain implementation that requires the majority of the total amount of members to agree on a request for a transaction.
Learn more about MultiSig.


Our Treasury contains multiple wallets which share a common purpose: Rewarding the community. Treasury consists of the following wallets for Reward Pools; Season Prizes, Tournament Prizes, Reward Per Game.
All shares from transactions going towards these pools are automatically allocated towards these wallets using smartcontracts. However, a lack of usage of certain products or other unexpected circumstances might force us to do incidental injections from Reserves to Treasury. The core team can only add funds to these Reward Pools within the Treasury. If a core team member decides he wants to do this, we will use Multisign so that the majority of the core team needs to agree on this decision before it can be implemented.

Token Emission Model

We want to provide full transparency over the token flow. Community- and teamtokens are to be released by slow stages via our Emission Model. By doing this, we are more likely to build a steady ecosystem. Abruptly releasing large supplies could result in negative market trends.
This Emission Model will give an insightful overview about the emission of tokens.