Rewards & Earnings

Loot Boxes

Loot Boxes contain a variation of ChainWars NFTs that also function as in-game cards. People can obtain them by purchasing or earning (through game achievements/quests) Loot Boxes. The cards obtained from Loot Boxes can either be very common and ultra rare, depending on luck. The odds for each Loot Box are fixed and transparently visible. To ensure that no other factor than luck plays a part in the determination of received cards, we use Chainlink's VRF implementation. VRF is similar to RNG (Random Number Generator) which is commonly known in mainstream gaming. The major difference is that Chainlink's VRF implementation runs completely on-chain, ruling out any possibility of third-party manipulation. In short, it ensures true random function supported by cryptographic proof of work.

Loot Box Sales

For the initial Loot Box sales, there are two different Loot Boxes mainly varying in price and contents. To get a complete overview of all rarities and the added value of each rarity, see Rarity.
Loot Box #1: Guarantees 4 Cards (NFT’s) of random possible gradations.
Price: $5,-
Loot Box #2: Guarantees 4 Cards (NFT’s) of random possible gradations.
Price: $50,-


Every first day of a month, a season starts. From the start until the end a prize pool starts building up via sold Lootboxes and Season passes (both ~5 USD worth in CWE) aswel as via sold NFT's on the marketplace.
Season Pass
Spend for NFT
Buy with CWE
Buy with CWE
50% per sold unit
50% per sold unit
50% per sold unit
50% per sold unit
To play Competitive and climb the leaderboards, you need a Season Pass.
Collect wins in our Competitive mode to climb the leaderboards. The leaderboard will show the top 20 players and will therefore determine the prize winners. The winners get a share of the pool and the top 5 gets a unique (tokenized) Season Emblem. The proportions of the leaderboards will evolve as the game will gain more active players.
Percentage of share (%)
Number 1
10 % + Season Winner Emblem
Number 2 - 3
7.5 % + Season Winner Emblem
Number 4 - 5
5 % + Season Winner Emblem
Number 6 - 10
5 %
Number 11 - 20
4 %

Reward per Win

For each win, you get suitable rewards. These depend on your Tier. Your Tier is determined by the amount of CWE you are currently holding. Snapshots of player Tiers will be made at random.

Daily Quests

These will contain three preset quests, centivizing players to spend a small amount of time each day playing the game. This will result in faster matchmaking and stronger decks. The preset daily quests;
  • Daily Check-In
  • Play 5 games
  • Win 3 games

Weekly Quests

You can also obtain rewards on weekly basis by completing weekly quests. These are 5 quests which will differ but come down to playing certain cards, playing/winning an x amount of games or minor quests.


Referals allow you to invite up to 5 friends and get rewards. More to come.