Land is an application built around the core Card Game. The purpose of land is getting the opportunity to upgrade your cards, showing them and other achievements off and to level up and progress besides just playing the main game.

What is Land?

Land is a spacethemed universe with a strong connection to lore. It divides Zosalara, a virtual planet into many different plots of land. Each plot is tokenized and can be traded on the marketplace. Every plot has the potential of spawning resources which can be harvested by wandering players. There's also a small PvE feature in Land which provides another method of gathering resources by killing mobs that wander around. You need the sufficient weapons for this though...
Owners of a plot have priority in harvesting resources on their property.
Owners of land can fill their plot with structures and decorations which cost resources to create. Some structures can improve your ability of playing the core game. For example, you can get small advantages in obtaining better cards from lootboxes or better odds of getting rare cards from Forging.

The Plots

Zosalara has a total of ~5000 plots. The plots aren't all the same. Some are rare and provide advantages, others are more basic and require the player to build a lot to utilize the land. There are 5 rings, noted below from inner ring (rare) to outer ring (common);
Amount of plots
Plasma Fields
Resource Plots (Can't be owned)

The Gameplay

In Land, you can walk around Zosalara with your avatar. In the process, you can gather resources, slay PvE mobs, participate in events and travel the world. With resources you can build tokenized goods and put them on your land. These structures can prove either beneficial or just as a showcase of achievements.