Welcome to ChainWars. In this whitepaper we will share our vision, introduce our team and give detailed explanations about our products. We will provide you with all information needed to engage with our community and products. Chain Wars will mainly revolve around Play & Earn. The project's core will be supported by secondary featues, such as Lootboxes, Land, and Seasons/Tournaments. Our main focus is quality on the long run. We want to avoid rushing towards our goals because creating a healthy economic environment takes time and patience. This is a process in which we want to involve the community.
Since Play & Earn is a new concept it's very innovative. This is both a possibility and a threath as we have lots of fresh ideas to implement but have a narrow database to tackle common issues. We will provide ways of earning valuable property which you can be the owner of, no intermediaries involved. We have seen big gaming corporates achieving the craving for earning digital property with virtual value. The blockchain enables possibilities to establish a safe & healthy economic environment to approach this differently, so that players truly own what they obtain.
So, what is Play & Earn? Simply put, you can earn currency and NFT's by playing games. We collaborate with gamedevelopers and blockchaindevelopers to make products/services that contain the best of both. If you posess the sufficient funds (CWE) to participate, you can play our games with the potential of earning valuable NFT's. But most importantly, you can enjoy a great experience and battle your way to the top of the leaderboards!
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